50 nmole *3
200 nmole *3

*1: AllGlo probes or primers are offered at the same flat rates regardless of which one of our AllGlo dyes you choose.

*2: We offer HPLC purification at all scales with no additional charge. The standard price for AllGlo probes or primers includes HPLC purification.

*3: A Minimum order of 4x50nmoles, or 2x200nmoles is required at this time of initial offering. A combination of AllGlo probes or primers many be ordered to fulfill the minimum order requirement.

Step One:

Download order form and fill in sequence, scale and dye label of your choice.


Step Two:

Email your order form to

( preferred ordering method to ensure accuracy)

  or fax order to 510-265-1352.

Easy Ordering
You can place your custom order via e-mail, fax or phone.

AllGlo probes and primers can be synthesized at the following four scales: 50 nmole, 0.2 ¦̀mole , 1 ¦̀mole and 10 ¦̀mole.

AlleLogic offers fluorogenic PCR probes and primers with superior quality and competitive prices. Unlike the dually-labeled oligos offered by our competitors, AllGlo probes or primers are priced at the same flat rates regardless of what dye labels you choose. The price only reflects the scale of your order. It's the best value for your money and time.

Fast Delivery
Our delivery time is 5-7 working days for the two smaller scales for the synthesis of 50 mers or less. We use Federal Express 2-Day Service for standard order.


We offer HPLC purification for AllGlo probes and primers at all scales with no additional charge. The standard price for AllGlo probe or primer includes HPLC purification.

Quality Control
Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable. We perform rigorous Quality Control on every oligo and use the best commercially available reagents to produce high quality oligos. We provide a data sheet for each probe or primer with all relevant scientific data, including concentration, molecular weight, ¦̀g/OD, GC%, Tm, and pmol/OD, as well as recommended RT PCR assay conditions.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our oligos. Our policy: If there is a problem with an oligo we synthesized that we cannot resolve, we will resynthesize the oligo at no charge.