Allelogic Biosciences Corp was founded by a group of chemists and biologists with the goal of developing cutting-edge technologies for genomic and proteomic studies. Located in the beautiful San Francisco bay area, the company is equipped with the state of art laboratory facilities and staffed with a team of talented scientists with extensive experiences in both fluorescence technology and biochemistry. The primary focus of our R&D effort has been the development of fluorescence-based tools, including new fluorogenic reagents for real-time PCR and fluorescent reagents for protein assays.

We have recently developed a breakthrough PCR technology-AllGlo™ fluorogenic oligonucleotides as probes and primers for real-time PCR detections. AllGlo™ probes and primers are novel fluorogenic oligonucleotides that do not contain a fluorescence quencher and therefore are significantly easier to manufacture than traditional fluorogenic oligonucleotides. Moreover and most importantly, AllGlo™probes generate much brighter signals than traditional TaqMan™ probes do. The combination of superior performance and lower cost of manufacturing makes AllGlo™ probes your single best choice for real-time PCR detection. We are now pleased to offer AllGlo™ technology for licensing on a nonexclusive basis. We also accept orders for custom synthesis of fluorogenic oligonucleotides labeled with your choice of our proprietary fluorescent dyes.

At Allelogic Biosciences, we strive to meet or exceed our customers' expectations through constant innovations and providing quality products and services. With well-equipped laboratories and a highly talented team of scientists, we believe that we are well positioned to be your trusted business partner for success.