Introducing a breakthrough for Real Time PCR - AllGlo™ Technology

Simply the Best and Brightest! AllGlo™ technology is so novel and elegant, it sets a new gold standard for fluorogenic PCR Reagents. AllGlo™ probes produce significantly brighter signals than traditional TaqManTM probes, including TaqMan™ probes with a minor groove binding group (MGB). The technology is extendable to fluorogenic primers (AllGlo™ primers) as well as other fluorogenic oligonucleotides. With our proprietary fluorescent dye labels, AllGlo™ probes and primers can be made in many colors encompassing wavelengths from UV to infrared, making multiplex detection easily attainable. Moreover, our AllGlo™ probes and primers are much easier and thus more economical to manufacture than traditional fluorogenic probes and primers are because multiple oligo labelings are accomplished in a single step using our easy-to-handle proprietary fluorescent dyes.

AllGlo™ Technology

To learn more about our exciting AllGlo™ technology and its related product, download the AllGlo™ information brochure (PDF file).

AllGlo™ Information Brochure